DO YOU hit those high notes singing in the bath, do you rehearse like Pavarottii while driving alone?

Well it may not be La Scala at Milan, nor the New York Met nor Covent Garden but the chance to play a part in grand opera, awaits the winner of a competition.

Ellen Kent Opera & Ballet International has run the competition for a would be opera star to get a taste of appearing on stage, or at least having some rollicking good fun.

The company will be staging Verdi's La Traviata at Venue Cymru on Friday, February 2 the competition winner's prize will be to take part in the chorus of the famous Brindisi drinking song scene.

Producer Ellen Kent said: "Who amongst us has not secretly wanted to take part in a grand performance, even if we dare not admit it even to ourselves?

"This is an opportunity for someone to take their courage in their hands and have a go. As the part is in the chorus, and a rousing jolly one it is, the winner doesn't actually have to sing if he or she hasn't got a singing voice, it will be enough to just be there and take part.

"Actually we will be able to take two winners, indeed we would prefer a couple, two men, two women and a man and a woman, whatever. The winner will get four tickets and so can invite friends to see the winners' debut.

The Ellen Kent company will also be staging a production of Puccini's Madame Butterfly on Saturday, February 3 and there will also be running a competition with it, the prize will be a Ralph Steadman Madame Butterfly print, signed by the artist, valued at £550.00, and two tickets to the performance.