A chef and father of six who is alleged to have raped a drunken teenage girl who got into his vehicle believing it to be a taxi has started giving his evidence at Mold Crown Court.

Jie Xiang Guan, aged 39, of Heol Dirion in Colwyn Bay, admits a sex assault upon her but denies raping her in the back of his vehicle in October 2016.

The defendant, who follows the proceedings at Mold Crown Court with the aid of a Cantonese interpreter, said he was born in China, came to the UK in 2003 for work purposes and worked as a chef in a take away in Colwyn Bay and at a restaurant in Llandudno.

That night it was his boss’s birthday and he and others had been out celebrating.

He had ended up with a friend at a Halloween party at a nightclub, had some drinks and was quite drunk by the end of it.

In evidence, he said he had done something wrong.

“I do regret and I would like to say sorry to her,” he said from the witness stand.

Answering questions by defending barrister Mark Le Brocq, he said that he had a big car because of his large family.

It did not look like a taxi and he had never had anything on the roof to indicate that it was.

Forensic analyses showed that his DNA was on the woman's body, her bra and the jeans where the button had been ripped off.

In a second interview when the forensic evidence was put to him he made no comment.

But Prosecutor Elen Owen has told the jury that in his defence case statement, he said he misjudged the situation and tried to kiss her.

He thought she might be willing to engage in sexual activity with him in the car and touched intimate parts of her body. But he denied rape .

The prosecution say that the complainant, wearing a Halloween face pain mask, was thrown out of a taxi because she was sick.

She was sitting on the side of the road and got into the defendant’s vehicle when it stopped believing it to be taxi.

But it is alleged that she was raped in the back of the vehicle on an embankment at Rhos-on-Sea.

The trial, before Mr Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones, is proceeding.