Concerns have been raised about a local cemetery being neglected despite the fact that another in the area is actively maintained.

While Tan y Foel cemetery in Penmaenmawr is subject to a Conwy Borough Council improvement programme, Dwygyfylchi cemetery is being largely ignored, it is claimed.

Local resident Peter Malkin, of Glanyrafon, Penmaenmawr, said: “Dwygyfylchi cemetery is in a neglected condition.

“It is untidy and only grass-cutting is done and then only so often. That’s all they do. I don’t think it is properly cared for.”

Penmaenmawr town clerk Mel ab Owain said: “The cemetery is infrequently maintained and the grass is cut about half the number of times it should be, particularly where the older graves are located. There are quite a lot of weeds in the cemetery and I am unaware of any weed spraying. It is particularly bad because there are graves in the cemetery of servicemen who were killed during World War Two.”

Tan y Foel cemetery is being actively maintained and improved by Conwy County Borough Council.

Cllr Anne McCaffrey, a local ward member said: “There has been quite a lot of work done in the cemetery in the past six to nine months. The council’s head of facilities management team has now got a bespoke management plan for the cemetery, so over the next 12 months there will be a structured programme of improvement.

“Work has been done to remove trees, shrubs and undergrowth and further work of that nature is planned.”

She explained that the council had to get clearance to work on some of the older, privately-owned graves because the descendants of the deceased have moved away. She said: “Last year there were two village meetings about the cemetery improvements plan and another is planned for the spring. We want to set up a residents’ community group to help support the work and to improve the cemetery. There is a model for this in Conwy with St Agnes Cemetery, which is a very old graveyard. There is a residents’ group there which has made significant improvements, and we want to mirror what they have done.”

Cllr Anne McCaffreysaid: “ was talking about the Council owned cemetery. This runs along Glan yr Afon Road. The picture below shows the location. Below that is the first of a number of meeting throughout 2017 to work with council officers to drive improvement. Our cemetery is not a lawn cemetery, but a rural village cemetery.