WORK to begin dismantling Colwyn Bay’s derelict pier is underway.

Contractors J Freely Limited moved onto the site last week and have begun taking apart the Victoria Pier.

Parts are being removed carefully as some will go into storage to be surveyed to use used in the reconstruction of the pier later this year.

Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust chairman Mark Roberts said he was excited to see Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) had begun phase one of the reconstruction of the structure.

Mr Roberts, in an interview with the Pioneer, said: “The council is embarking on what is a very similar phase one to ours - dismantling the exisiting pier and surveying the dismantled elements to see what can be restored when the new pier is rebuilt.”

After a challenging relationship in the past he said he was glad the Victoria Pier Trust had been able to develop a strong partnership with the council, with the two parties holding regular meetings and discussing the future of the historic Colwyn Bay site.

Mr Roberts said with the dismantling of the pier now underway, sights were now being set on the next phase of the project.

He said: “They (CCBC) are going to build a truncated pier and under our scheme we will seek permission to extend on that so there will be a mix of uses on the structure.

“The main crux of the scheme is to breath new life into the pier, acting symbiotically with the town and its regeneration.”

The Trust is set to take its plans for an extended pier to public consultation in the coming months where the full schemes will be revealed to residents, allowing them to have their say.

An annual meeting in March will also give the public a chance to see the trust’s plans for the Pier.

Mr Roberts added: “Everyone’s views will be accepted because it’s not just the pier these plans will have an impact on. It will impact the pier and on the town.

“There is a lot of work ahead and it is set to be very beneficial.”