A NEW male Thornback ray has arrived at Seaquarium Rhyl just in time for Valentine's Day.

The new addition arrived from Liverpool Natural History Museum. It is now on the quest to meet a new finned female friend.

Richard Morrilly, aquarist, said: "We’re very excited to have a new male in the group with the potential for eggs and babies in the future. We do have one male Thornback ray already, but he is still too young to breed. Having this new arrival should mean that we get some eggs this breeding season, with the potential for more in the following years."

The pairing coincides with the start of the Love Your Oceans Event, where visitors can travel around the attraction and complete a trail of clues, take part in hands-on activities and be treated to a themed Seal Show.

The Seaquarium explained that being able to breed Thornback rays in captivity is "essential" as their numbers in the wild are decreasing, with many populations under severe threat from over fishing.

Rays will lay egg cases called mermaid’s purses and once hatched, will look like tiny versions of their parents. Babies can take up to five months to hatch and juvenile rays are ready to breed after at least five years, meaning they face many pressures in the wild.

The Love Your Ocean event will run from tomorrow (Saturday, February 10) until Friday, February 25. For more information, visit www.seaquarium.co.uk or telephone on 01745 344660.