Villages and communities in Conwy borough have been asked to step up and form fund raising committees to for the 2019 National Eisteddfod at Llanrwst.

Cllr Trystan Lewis chairman of the executive committee of the Eisteddfod, said: "We are making an appeal to communities in the borough to set up and form committees to raise money to make sure the eisteddfod comes to Conwy borough.

"The eisteddfod, is part funded by the Welsh Government and other bodies, but the local area has also to make a contribution of £325000. Hence we went our communities to step up and help raise this sum.

"This is actually a hugely productive investment for our communities to make because it is estimated that eisteddofs in the past have generated between £8 and £9 million for the local economies, that is an enormous return on investment.

"What we are trying to do is get individual communities to set up their own appeal committees and use their initiatives to raise funds. We have set targets for each community, and will help them as far as we can. But this is essentially a self starting exercise.

"I will visit each committee and suggest fund raising initiatives and ideas they might consider, and also give them the guidelines they should follow.

He added: "So far committees have been formed for Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Rhos on Sea, ansl also in the villages of Llanddoged and Llangernyw. Already a lot of enthusiam has been generated in those villages, particularly among young people."