For more than 100 years the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has captivated audiences all over the world.

Having been adapted into more than 100 films, a musical stage version, songs and radio and stage plays in numerous languages, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde now makes its way to Llandudno.

Venue Cymru will play host to what was named one of the best theatre productions of 2015 for two days, with performances on Tuesday, February 20 at 7.30pm and Wednesday, February 21 at 2.30pm.

The story follows Doctor Henry Jekyll who is a good man, successful within his field and respected by his peers. He is close to a neurological discovery that will change the face of medical science forever.

However, his methods are less than ethical, and when a close friend and colleague threatens to expose and destroy his work, Dr Jekyll is forced to experiment on himself, whereupon something goes very wrong…or very right.

And suddenly Jekyll has a new friend, the brutal Mr Edward Hyde.

A thrilling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s dark psychological fantasy, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde immerses you in the myth and mystery of 19th century London’s fog-bound streets where love, betrayal and murder lurk at every chilling twist and turn.

Gripping, stylish and thought-provoking, this is unmissable theatre.

Tickets cost £16, and can be purchased from and via the Box Office on 01492 872 000.