RNLI lifeboats from Moelfre and Llandudno were launched at 10.40am on Sunday tasked by Holyhead Coastguard with locating the source of an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon transmission apparently emanating from an area 11 miles north of Great Orme's Head.

At the same time the Caernarfon-based Coastguard SAR helicopter was called out to the incident, and the 14,000gt container ship Rachel Borchard, on passage Liverpool-Dublin made for the area to assist.

In the meantime, ongoing Coastguard enquiries had revealed that the transmitting device had in fact been lost overboard from a Royal Navy vessel a few days previously. As it was therefore now evident that neither a vessel nor personnel were actually in distress the search was called off and the participants stood down.

At the request of the Coastguard Llandudno lifeboat remained in the area to try to find and recover the device to prevent a recurrence of the incident, but it had ceased to transmit and the rough sea conditions together with the lack of a precise location rendered this impossible.

Moelfre lifeboat returned to station at 11.30am and Llandudno's at 12.45pm.