AN ACCUSATION of dirty tricks has been levelled over fines being issued in a Colwyn Bay car park despite a free parking notice being displayed.

The sign in Ivy Street car park states free parking from Monday January 1 until Saturday March 31.

Kenneth Adams of Ffordd Bugail, Colwyn Bay, said: "My partner parks every day in the Ivy Street car park, and at the beginning of the year she saw a sign next to the ticket machine there, which said free parking January 1 until March 3. I took a photograph of because of the controversies there have been about parking locally.

"Before the New Year there was no free parking and drivers had to buy a ticket at a machine, then this free parking notice appeared next to the machine.

"But last Monday when collecting her car after work and having become used to for nothing, she found a parking ticket on her windscreen and now faces faced a fine of £25, or £50 if she doesn't pay within 28 days. Yet the sign still said free parking, and the ticket machine next to it had been taped up as though it is out of order."

He added: "I think Conwy council has played a dirty trick here and have mislead people. I've complained at their offices but was told to write in. I know that a lot of other people have also been caught like this. I'm quite disgusted by this underhand behaviour."

A Conwy Borough Council spokesman said: "Parking at Ivy Street car park is currently free under a Welsh Government funded scheme, but the conditions for parking otherwise remain the same as listed on the car park information board.

"Ivy Street has always been a short stay shoppers car park, with parking limited to a maximum of 4 hours. This arrangement has not changed and is unaffected by the current free parking."