Another cherished favourite is being brought back to life in Theatr Colwyn tomorrow.

March's Dementia Friendly Film Screening will continue it's feel good, all singing all dancing approach with 1950s musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Set during the 1850s, Jane Powell's pretty young cook Milly, marries Howard Keel's grizzled woodsman Adam, only to be shocked by his six ill-mannered brothers, all of whom live in his cabin.

She promptly begins teaching the brothers proper behavior, to no avail when the brothers kidnap six local girls during a town barn-raising, leading a group of indignant villagers tries to track them down.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers screens at Theatr Colwyn on Thursday, March 8 at 2pm. Tickets are £4, and free for carers. To book call 01492 872000 or visit