The Welsh Mountain Zoo’s very own ‘Beasts from the East’ were among the animals enjoying the wintry snow last week.

Snow leopards Otilia and Szecsuan are both long term residents at the Colwyn Bay. The breeding couple found the cooler climates comfortable - the species are found in the wild in the Himalayan mountain regions of China and the surrounding countries.

The zoo was forced to close last week due to the icy weather which brought sub-zero temperatures to much of the UK.

A tiger was pictured looking relaxed in the snow, penguins frolicked during the big chill and a wallaby was captured looking coy.

Efforts were made to keep animals warm. Some were encouraged to come indoors, additional heating was provided and more culinary adventurous animals were offered hot potatoes.

Nick Jackson, director at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said: "With such a diverse range of animals here at the Zoo, some are obviously more comfortable with this sudden change in temperature than others.

"For the snow leopards this is very much in sync with their natural habitat and so they are very relaxed as the snow falls.”