Debate over the four weekly bin collection continues to rage on, following a special cabinet meeting last week.

Council members were given the opportunity to have their say at a special meeting last week and voted that cabinet should reconsider the decision to introduce four-weekly collections and put it on hold until cabinet was certain all the education/communication/mitigations had been met.

While the cabinet’s decision to introduce the new collection scheme has come under a lot of scrutiny it’s leader, councillor Gareth Jones, said he believed most of the issues raised could quite easily be resolved.

Cllr Jones, in the meeting last week, said: “All the points I feel, there has come an answer to the concerns from the officers and the officers have come across confident that we will be able to deal with these issues and concerns and do the best for Conwy. So that’s come across quite clearly.”

He said the decision for four weekly bin collections had been forced upon the cabinet with the Welsh Government's landfill tax putting pressure on the community to recycle more.

This tax is on how much waste is put in to landfill. By increasing recycling it reduces the amount the council is forced to pay. The four weekly bin collections the cabinet was hoping would aid this.

Mr Jones said already cuts of £2.4 million had been made to education and social care to accommodate the landfill the county had been producing.

Mr Jones said: "We are being told what to do. We are being threatened, we are being punished, we are being fined and its not a lot you or I can do about that.

"They've come up with an idea that says recycle or else. It means to us £2.5 million of hard earned rate payers money is being chucked into this hole in the ground under the name of landfill.

"I hear I'm not ready for this (four weekly bin collections), well if you're not ready for this (landfill tax) and if we don't do something about it we'll be punished again.

"It'll be £3 million next year, possibly £4 million the year after. So lets get real, lets understand what we can do."

Mr Jones pleaded with the councillors to get in contact with their AMs and MPs and ask them to vote out the landfill tax and reduce this pressure.