The walls of Conwy Castle will ring once more with the soaring romantic poetry and comedy of Shakespeare.

For their 14th year, the all male The Lord Chamberlain’s Men will make good use of the castle’s spectacular setting to stage Shakespeare’s most mesmerising masterpiece, The Tempest.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men return after last year’s performance of Much Ado About Nothing to give another authentic incarnation of the bard’s original company acting company, with all the hallmarks of the period staged sublimely in the epic setting.

The troupe tours the UK each year, and specialise in bringing Shakespeare’s plays to visually impactful castles throughout the country.

Peter Stickney, Artistic Director, says, “With some of Shakespeare’s most memorable speeches and packed with famous characters, The Tempest is a spectacular play and will make fantastic viewing for a summer’s evening.

“A truly theatrical play like this, set outdoors at these spectacular locations and in our trademark style bursting with song and magic makes for an evening not to be missed.”

The play straddles the fine line between comedy and tragedy delicately as it follows the exiled Duke of Milan Prospero, and his plots to restore his daughter Miranda his distant island vantage.

With sorcery and manipulation, Prospero manages to ensnare his enemies in his web and using magic exact revenge by shipwrecking them on the island with him.

Perhaps one of Shakespeare’s more mystical plays, the comic sprite Ariel and the villainous, deformed monster Caliban are some of the most fantastical and colourful characters penned by the great playwright.

Be sure to catch this brilliant company perform Shakespeare as it written to be performed, with an all male cast , in the open air and in full Elizabethan costume with traditional music and dance.

The Tempest will be at Conwy castle at 7.30pm on Saturday, June 23 and at 6.30pm on Sunday, 24.

Tickets are available from or by calling the box office on 01492 872000.