A LLANDUDNO school which has a small farm and menagerie, has received a jar of honey from the Prince of Wales in return for honey made from the school’s bees.

lan Keith Jones, headteacher of San Sior Primary School, said: “I was invited to a private lunch with the Prince of Wales who had heard of us through the World Wild Life Fund for Nature. They had visited us because we are a green ambassador school, and to see our farm and menagerie.

“At the lunch Prince Charles asked for a box of eggs and some of the honey from the school’s farm. In return, quite unexpectedly, he sent us a jar of honey from the bees at his home near Llandovery.

Mr Jones added the Prince of Wales suggested in a letter we should keep one or two pigs. The letter said: “Apparently, according to the medical experts, pigs have the most beneficial micro-organisms and contact with them can help to reduce the incidence of allergies.

"This is an idea we will think about."

All the, children and parents, who tasted the Prince of Wales’ honey enjoyed it, Mr Jones added: “But it was a close run thing for them to decide whether they liked our honey better than his.

“He also thanked us for all the splendid letters from the children telling him about the chickens and other animals we keep at the school”

Mr Jones said: “Ysgol San Sior is the only school in Wales registered to supply eggs to shops, and we produce more than 20,000 eggs each year.

“Profits from this enterprise have enabled us to set up an apiary with seven beehives, and the honey the bees produce is sold at Conwy Honey Fair.”

The school’s menagerie includes lizards, tree frogs, chameleons, geckos, various tortoises, chinchillas and numerous other species, as well as chickens and an apiary.