William F Yates met William F Yates in Llandudno last week, one of the pair is aged two and a half, the other is the town's lifeboat.

Llandudno residents Frank and Christine Lawton took their grandson to see the lifeboat, and once the duty RNLI volunteers know the little boy's name was the same as the lifeboat's, they gave them the Royal tour of the station, its two boats and all the equipment.

Young William was taken on board his lifeboat with crew member Mike Jones and shown all there is to see.

An RNLI spokesman said: "Our volunteers were thrilled to welcome young William to the lifeboat station. As well as clearly being impressed by all he saw on board, he certainly coped well with his new-found celebrity status. We hope that he and his family will come to see us again at some time in the future."