A youth and community centre was put out of action after burglars smashed their way in and ended up flooding the building.

The centre at Llanddulas near Abergele was damaged as two drunks kicked their way through the entrance door in the early hours.

Inside they smashed a re-enforced window to get into the office which was trashed.

Mold Crown Court heard how the centre was flooded because the vending machine was pulled from the wall in a bid to empty the cash contents.

But they were caught red handed.

Their banging was heard and police were alerted when their torches was seen inside the building.

Stephen Bimson was arrested as he carried a television set from the centre into a car parked nearby.

Co-defendant Darren Teesdale was arrested after a struggle inside the centre, explained prosecuting barrister Nicholas Williams.

Teesdale, aged 31, of Grove Park in Colwyn Bay, and Bimson, 35, of York Road, Colwyn Bay, were each jailed for 12 months on Friday after they admitted the burglary at about 4am. on March 7 this year.

The court heard that the mindless burglary had a significant effect on the local community.

Mr Williams said that the centre was self-funding and the trustees were left angry and frustrated by what had occurred.

The centre, which provided facilities for a number of local groups, had to close while the repairs were being carried out.

The judge, Mr Recorder Gregg Bull QC said that the burglary was planned in the sense that they had taken tools including a knife.

They were only caught because their clumsy torch lights were seen and the police were alerted.

Mr Williams said that police were called by nearby garage staff who reported hearing banging and male voices.

Officers were told by nearby restaurant staff that two men had been seen climbing over a fence and police carried out a search on foot.

Banging was heard coming from the community centre, torch lights were seen inside, and an officer who went around the back and approached a vehicle arrested Bimson as he placed a television in the Nissan Micra car.

A female officer tried to arrest Teesdale at the damaged door of the centre but he struggled violently.

Back up was called and it took three officers to restrain him. The female officer injured her thumb and forefinger in the struggle.

Tools were found nearby and in addition to the television, three laptops, a PlayStation and games were taken.

Teesdale had previous convictions for 54 offences including a robbery in 2015 for which he received three years imprisonment.

Bimson had previous convictions for 35 offences.

Simon Killeen, for Teesdale, said that his client was in a stable relationship and was self-employed as a landscape gardener.

He was beginning to leave offending behind him and was becoming an useful member of society.

Clearly alcohol had been consumed by both men, which led to the offending, he said.

Jade Tufail, for Bimson, said that it was a mindless act committed in drink and he would like to apologise to all concerned.

He had a particular insight into how the offending impacted on the community, that night found himself drunk with Teesdale and they embarked upon what was a serious burglary.

The defendant had recently started work as a painter and decorator, she said.

Both suggested suspended prison sentences but the judge said the sentences would have to be served immediately.