The Hogwarts Express has a new stop - the Llandudno Pier.

Llandudno business-woman, and avid fan of the popular novels and movies, Debbie Corkish, is bringing a Harry Potter themed store called Wizarding Boutique to the Llandudno Pier.

The store, although already operating on weekends, will officially open on April 29 and will contain a wide range of licensed film replica items to keep every wizard, witch and muggle happy.

Wizarding Boutique will sell everything from wands, time turners and love potions to chocolate frogs and Bertie Bots every flavoured beans.

Mrs Corkish, who sides with Gryffindor house, said: "We are big Harry Potter fans in my house and we have visited the studios in Watford a few times and I was frustrated that there wasn't anywhere local to buy merchandise.

"A few HP shops have opened in the UK and have been very successful so I thought we needed one in Llandudno.

"I have always worked in retail and have wanted to start my own business for a long time. I started on ebay trading in HP collectables.

"I then built my own website with an online store which has gone really well. I have had the website for around a year and people were asking me if I had a shop so I hoped that there would be lots of people interested.

"Opening a shop was the next step to take to finally working for myself full time."

She said while the task of opening her own store was a daunting one, it was very exciting at the same time and she couldn't wait to share her passion with fellow fans.

She added: "I've been very encouraged by all the positive feedback I've received and by the sales I've had on the days that I have been open.

The official opening will be held on April 29 and from there the store will be open daily. To keep up to date with the latest stock visit Wizarding Boutique on Facebook or the stores website: