Weightlifters Harry Misangyi and Holly Knowles both made their Commonwealth Games debuts on Saturday.

Conwy's Misangyi competed in the men's 85kg class while Penrhyn Bay's Knowles competed in the women's 63kg category, up against some of the best weightlifters in the world.

Knowles finished ninth, completing lifts of 73kg in the snatch and and a high of 93kg in the clean and jerk giving her a total score of 166, just 40 points off a medal.

While Misangyi was unable to finish the competition due to a wrist injury, but was able to complete a max lift of 115kg in the snatch.

Misangyi said: "My time at the Games has been an experience that I will always remember. I have learnt so much and seen some amazing performances that are so inspiring!

"My favourite part was stepping on the stage for my first lift infront of the big crowd of people and hearing them cheering, that feeling you get in that moment is why I love my sport so much."

Knowles posted to Facebook she wished she could "redo it all" having had such an amazing and surreal experience at the Games.