Animal welfare groups have labelled actions by a Llandudno Junction store "barbaric" and "irresponsible" after a number of seagulls were left hanging dead in netting on the roof.

A net in place above Bookers Wholesalers in Llandudno Junction, which was meant to keep seagulls off the roof, has instead trapped them and left them hanging there to die.

Deputy leader of the Animal Welfare Party Jane Smith said the incident was "absolutely appalling" and asked the netting and the seagulls to be taken down. She also made calls to the RSPCA and Bookers.

She said: "In our view, netting has absolutely no place in roofs because of what it can do to birds. This just shows exactly why, because it can result in death.

"They were being hung and members of the public could see them but couldn't help."

A Booker spokesperson said the matter, which was noticed two weeks ago, has since been resolved.

The spokesperson said: "We take this matter very seriously and are committed to the highest standards of hygiene.

"We employ a professional contractor to help deal with the gull issue and they are actively engaged in reviewing the processes to ensure the best way forward.”

But the incident has left a bad taste in the mouth of groups in the area, including Pro Gull - anti cull, North Wales.

Pro Gull member Dafydd Hughes said incident's like this were barbaric and happened too often in the area.

He said: "I don't think they should be doing it (putting netting up).

"If you put up a business at the sea side you should expect to get wildlife, including seagulls. Putting netting up is therefore just irresponsible.

"Gulls tend to flock to sea side resort type towns, like Llandudno, and in the case they have suffered a horrible, painful death."