LLANDUDNO and Conwy inshore lifeboats were called out twice on the May Bank Holiday Monday.

Both lifeboats went to rescue a group of five people in imminent danger of being marooned on the sandbanks off Llandudno's west shore by the incoming tide. The group realised their perilous situation and had begin to wade across the rapidly-filling North Deep channel to safety.

The lifeboats stood by until it was clear the group had reached the beach without mishap.

Llandudno had a further call later on Monday with Llandudno Coastguards to investigate a report that a large number of young people were jumping into the sea from the Pigeons Cave area of the Great Orme headland.

The Coastguards pointed out the dangers to the youngsters, but despite the advice, a number of the youths continued jumping. Meanwhile the lifeboat took up station a little way off the cliffs on standby as safety cover, in case anyone came to grief.

An RNLI spokesman said: "Jumping into the sea from height, or tombstoning as it is called, extremely dangerous.

“The water may be shallower than it looks. Submerged rocks may not be visible, these can cause serious injury or paralysis. The shock of cold water can make it difficult to swim, and a strong tidal flow can easily sweep a person away."