THE battle to see sand returned to Llandudno’s North Shore has been taken to the First Minister.

The North Shore’s lack of sand has been a major talking point in recent years, since rocks were placed on the beach in a bid to limit the risk of flooding.

Llandudno Town councillor Ian Turner has voiced his anger over the impact of the work.

He said: “The beach is worse than it has ever been. There has been a lot of talk and public meetings but no action.

“This is a multi-million pound environmental disaster and somebody should hold their hand up and admit they have got it wrong.

"Nobody has yet admitted they got it wrong and until they do nothing will change.”

Aberconwy Assembly Member, Janet Finch-Saunders, has written to Welsh Government First Minister, Carwyn Jones, asking him to help in restoring the beach to its former glory.

She said: “The First Minister and his colleagues no doubt enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Llandudno recently, during their party’s annual conference.

“Their attention will have been drawn by the condition of the North Shore beach – previously a beautiful sandy stretch, now sadly suffering as a result of the dumping of quarry rocks along its length, as part of flood prevention works.

“These works have cost the Welsh Government some £1.4 million, and though intended to be maintenance-free, continue to cost council taxpayers thousands of pounds per year in up-keep and clearing, remain highly contentious within the town.”

“And meanwhile, debris and rotting sea life, caught up in the rocks, is decaying, and producing unsanitary and unsavoury conditions – not the sandy play paradise once so-loved by young and old alike.”

In response to the letter from Mrs Finch-Saunders a Welsh Government spokesman said: “We are supporting the council to further develop options to manage the risk of coastal flooding and erosion.

"However, the design of any future scheme is a matter for the local authority.”

Conwy County Council is currently working with Llandudno Coastal Forum to come up with a future plan for the beaches.

Public consultation on the Coastal Forums’s Beach Management Plan (BMP) took place last November.

It included proposals for the creation of beaches fit for purpose, appropriate flood and coastal erosion management, natural environment improvement, acknowledgement of cultural heritage, and creation of commercial opportunities.

A Llandudno Coastal Forum spokesman welcomed the AMs letter and support, saying the next step in the progression of Llandudno’s beaches is underway.

“A consultant was appointed in March 2018 to progress the outline business case.

"The outline business case will look at the options from the beach management plan and from their point of view the most cost beneficial. There will then be two public consultations in 2018.”