Organisers hailed this year's Extravaganza "a huge success" as thousands flocked to the Llandudno event.

The warm weather accompanied by a new layout and a range of different attractions drew residents and visitors into Llandudno across the Bank Holiday weekend for the Victorian Extravaganza.

The new layout saw the reduction in side shows and through the main street and a greater focus on the Victorian heritage of the event.

The set up allowed a better visual of shop fronts and for businesses to get involved, while the side shows were still included off Mostyn Street in the Town Hall car park.

HTC Events and Entertainment's, event organisers, Chris Williams said: "It was brilliant. We've had lots of good feedback - speaking to volunteers, people in the town and businesses they all said how much of a good weekend it was.

"It turned out to be a real success. It was a gamble reducing the number of fair ground rides and changing the layout but it has paid of and we produced a real family friendly event."

Mr Williams said business were happy with the changes and had become much more involved in this years event taking part in the Victorian market or simply dressing up themselves or their shop.

The Llandudno Transport Extravaganza also took place on the weekend on Bodaforn Field, with the area packed to the brim with classic vehicles.

Llandudno mayor, Francis Davies, said: "We are very lucky to have two wonderful events in our town and have so for around 32 years.

"The weekend was good for the town, it was good to see the place buzzing again."

Chairperson of the Llandudno Hospitality Association, Berin Jones, said the weather had made it one of the best Extravaganza's in recent history with people making the most of the great weather.

He said all shops seemed to have done a roaring trade over the weekend, with attendees using shops and restaurants while at the Extravaganza.