MORE than 25 volunteers scoured Deganwy beach for rubbish last Friday.

Clare Reed of the Marine Conservation Society said: “It was a great turnout and after an hour we had collected an impressive pile of litter.

“The most offensive and damaging items were plastic bottles, lids and wet wipes, which are likely to have ended up on the beach, via the sewerage system, directly from peoples' homes.”

She explained that Assembly Member, Janet Finch Saunders’ team had helped organise the event.

Janet said: “It really was wonderful to see so many members of the public turn out to volunteer and lend their time to this great cause.

“The blight of litter, especially plastics, on our beaches and in our seas is terrible, and can have a life-threatening impact on wildlife. When ingested, such litter can cause huge injury damage to our marine wildlife and birds.”

Cllr Sue Shotter, another of the volunteers said: “It was windy and cold on Deganwy beach but it was a successful afternoon with a really good turn out from local residents. We mainly picked up plastic objects, metal and broken glass bottles, and fishing lines, we were keeping track of all types of litter picked up to be evaluated.

“It is disappointing after all the positive publicity on recycling, that people still litter the countryside and beaches.”