Patients as old as 96-years-old are being forced to find new doctors as surgeries across the area continue to close.

Former Colwyn Bay Mayor, Jeff Pearson, said the closures were a result of doctor shortages and the issues was getting to a stage of "crisis".

Cllr Pearson said: "It is a major concern, and no one knows what the answer is. It (doctor shortages) is a bit of a crisis and it not being helped as more doctors are closing down.

"This is putting more pressure on the doctors that stay open and are already under severe pressure. It just makes the situation worse.

"They used to take people outside the catchment area, but now they are having to cut them out.

"It's not fair on the residents. After all those years with one GP they now find themselves trying to find new GPs."

Llanddulas resident, Rosa Lunt, aged 96, recently returned home from a stay in Glan Clwyd Hospital to find a letter from her GP surgery of 70 years - Rhoslan Surgery, Colwyn Bay - asking her to find a new doctor.

The letter, in bold text, said: "Please register at another surgery as soon as possible as you will be removed from our list in 30 days."

Rhosland Surgery, along with other practices in the area, has been forced to make room for more than 1500 patients from the Tyn-y-Coed Surgery following its closure in March - because of the retirement of Dr Patel.

A relative of Ms Lunt's, Terry Jennings, said it was "ridiculous" to ask the 96-year-old to change doctors surgeries all by herself with no assistance.

Mr Jennings said: "This is borderline abuse, its absolutely ridiculous the way they are treating her.

"They just sent out a blanket letter to every body saying 'please register at another surgery asap or basically you will be removed from our surgery in 30 days.'.

"My concern is we won't be the only ones affected. There will be a good percentage of people asked to relocate."

The Pioneer attempted to contact the Rhoslan Surgery at the West End Medical Centre on numerous occasions but they declined to comment.

A Betsi Cadwaldr University Health Board spokesperson said they had attempted to prepare for the retirement of Dr Patel in March by making arrangements for his more than 1500 patients.

The spokesperson said: "All patients registered at Tyn y Coed Surgery received a letter to let them know about this change. The Health Board made arrangements for these patients to be registered with the neighbouring practices."

Cllr Pearson said he had also been keeping an eye on the issues, with the Colwyn Bay Town Council holding meetings with Doctors in the ward to discuss their concerns.

He added: "Until we get more doctors in the area we are not going to get this issue sorted.

"It is the same with the Hospital."