Nearly 12 months since what was supposed to be a "temporary closure", a Llandudno Hospital Ward remains shut.

The Bueno Ward was closed last year because of a lack of nursing staff being available.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board said the ward was still closed and would remain so until a solution was found.

A spokesperson said: "The ward is still temporarily closed and we are working hard to recruit nurses but we are not yet in a position to reopen the ward."

President of the Hospital Action Group, and former Llandudno Mayor, Carol Marubbi said it was disgraceful the ward was still closed nearly 12 months later.

She said: "They promised it would be re-opened in six weeks originally, then three months and now 12 months later they are still struggling.

"It is very sad when you see some of the cases and hear some of the stories that people are going through."

Ms Marubbi said she was "not happy" and "appalled" at the time it was taking while some nurses were made to work 12 hour days.

Despite the closure of the Bueno Ward she said the Llandudno Hospital was underutilised.

Ms Marubbi said: "When you see Glan Clwyd and Ysbyty Gwynedd wards and how long some people are waiting I wonder why they don't use Llandudno as a resource.

"It is majorly underutilised.

"I can't see the end of it (issues with the service) until there is an influx in staff."

It has been a turbulent 12 months for the Llandudno Hospital following the closure of the Bueno Ward.

Late last year, Betsi Cadwaldr withdrew doctors servicing the minor injuries unit (MIU) at the hospital.

Since late October the MIU has been manned by Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENP) as Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board looked to bring its staffing structure in line with other services within its portfolio.

At the time Llandudno Town Councillor Ronnie Hughes, of the Tudno Ward, said it was a disgrace and a backward step by the NHS and wanted to know why investment wasn’t being put into the Llandudno Hospital and the MIU.