Plans for a  chicken farm that would house 38,000 chickens and produce 190 tonnes of manure a year are set to be knocked back.

Councillors on Conwy’s planning committee meeting next week will consider an application for a poultry rearing unit including silos at Y Fron, Twll Llwynog, Abergele.

The works would take place less than a kilometre away from Abergele hospital.

The plan would see a a rectangular shed, measuring 91.44m by 21.34m, with a ridge height of 5.86m.

It would house  38,000 birds, with young hens brought in and staying in the unit for 16 weeks after which the flock would be removed, and the whole building fully cleaned down, and the new flock introduced.

A report before councillors on the plans said there had been 36 letters of support for the application.

But there had been 111 representations against the application with concerns raised including worries about its closeness to the hospital, increased traffic on a narrow road that leads to the farm and the smell that could come from the site.

Officers were also concerned that no plan had been included to deal with the smell coming from the unit.

The report said: “Officers consider that the traffic impacts are acceptable, and there is no objection in principle from NRW. Concerns on matters such as lighting, noise and on-site manurespreading can be addressed by condition.

“However, there are three issues which are still of concern.

“The first relates to the impact of both the building and access, including significant alterations to ground levels, on the character and appearance of the special landscape area.

“In the absence of a tree survey, the potential damage caused by earthworks to the long-term viability of mature trees forms part of this concern. The second relates to amenity concerns, particularly relating to odour.

“It should be noted that the thresholds cited in the Odour Report are consistent with those in Environment Agency guidance.

“However, the Public Protection Section’s comments have been forwarded to the agent for comment. The third relates to the matter of surface water drainage.

“In the absence of porosity tests which demonstrate that the ground is permeable, there is concern that run-off from the building and access would be directed downslope towards the highway.”

It added: “On the evidence currently available, officers recommend that the planning application be refused.”

Conwy’s planning committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss the application.