An 84-year-old woman has put a call out to find three good samaritans who helped her after breaking her arm while on holiday in Llandudno.

Rhos-on-Wye resident Wendy Cole was holidaying in Llandudno with her husband when she fell in Mostyn Street and broke her arm.

Three people came to assist her, a young man who got Mrs Cole a tea and wrapped her in a coat and a couple, both teachers, who helped her and drove her to Llandudno Hospital after the Welsh Ambulance Service said they would be more than a hour away because she wasn't unconscious.

She said: "The kindness of these people really helped. My husband was so grateful to have people there to help.

"They were all so kind. This sort of thing would only happen in Wales."

From the Llandudno Hospital she was transferred to Glan Clwyd Hospital before heading back to their accommodation later that night and home the next day.

They put a cast on at Glan Clwyd to ease the pain and upon arrival back in Rhos-on-Wye they went to the local hospital to have a more secure plaster put on after finding out the break was worse than first thought.

Seven weeks on from the accident, when Mrs Cole phoned the Pioneer, she was still in a plaster although the pain was becoming more manageable by the day.

She said a big thank you had to be put out to the residents that helped her after her fall.