The Welsh Government was accused of being “reckless” over plans to slash the number of councils in Wales as another local authority rejected the proposals.

Conwy gave its response to local government minister Alun Davies’ Green Paper, which proposed cutting the number of Welsh county councils from 22 to 10.

This would see the end of Conwy and Denbighshire councils, which would be joined together to form one body. This is the second time in recent years the Welsh Government has come up with proposals to cut the number of councils.

In 2016, the Government scrapped the option of merging Conwy and Denbighshire after those councils led the way in volunteering to merge.

But now, councillors in both counties seem in no mood to go through that process again, members in Conwy rejected the plan. Denbighshire councillors will meet on Monday to do the same.

A cross-party committee of Conwy councillors prepared a response on the plans for fewer and bigger councils in Wales.

Anne McCaffrey, Capelulo county councillor and cabinet member for democracy, law and modernisation, said: “We made clear that funding not form is the real issue that needs to be addressed here.

“There are no solutions in the Green Paper to address the lack of fair and sustainable funding for local government.

“And the timing of these proposals we consider to be reckless, given Brexit, the social care agenda and massive changes to education to name just a few.

“Our response also confirms our preferred alternative. Rather than wholesale restructuring, councils should be supported to continue to work regionally and locally, and this response pushes back the Welsh Government from reckless action.”

Dave Cowans, Eirias county councillor, said the minority Welsh Government had no mandate to try to force through mergers.

He said: “They haven’t got the majority to execute this. I want Mr Davies to tell me what we’re doing wrong and he’ll not be able to do it.

“Tell them to bin this. I fully support this response. Let’s stick as we are.” On Thursday, councillors on Anglesey also voted against plans to merge with Gwynedd.