Councillors have hit back at plans that would see their numbers cut. Proposals by the Local Democracy Boundary Commission for Wales would see Conwy lose five of its councillors down to 54 from the current 59.

This would mean there would be an average of 1,655 electors per member. The Commission also wants Conwy to have 30 electoral wards, a reduction from 38 existing wards.

In a letter prepared by a task and finish group chaired by Gogarth county councillor, Harry Saville, members shot down the plans. It said the plans only take into account the current population and not any changes that could be brought about by where houses are built in the near future.

“Local authorities are, once again, having to review their Local Development Plans in the near future and the requirement to build a certain quota of housing will affect the electorate figures. Again, other national policies influence where housing can be built and, as we have witnessed firsthand, people are having to move from rural communities to the more urban areas.”

The letter added:  “We would also question the timeliness, validity and cost of these reviews whilst the debate on local government reform is on-going and whilst changes to the voting age for county council elections are imminent in terms of including persons aged 16 and 17 being able to vote. The proposed changes have the potential to have significant impact on electoral parity numbers.

"Conwy’s current Local Development Plan review is being designed to accelerate delivery of housing numbers. This accelerated deliver will increase electoral parity numbers across the county and further distort current datasets. We are firmly of the view that, in these specific circumstances, it would be inappropriate to enact now changes which would be unalterable for 10 years until the next review cycle.”

Councillors voted to accept the wording of the letter and send it to the boundary commission.