Residents against Kingdom may get their wish of seeing the company removed from the Conwy county.

Kingdom's contract is set to end in August and a vote as to whether or not to extend it is set to be held as early as this week.

However the Pioneer believes Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) are already considering other options.

CCBC Cabinet members have been in discussion with Aberconwy AM, Janet Finch-Saunders, who said one option being considered is enforcement practices being brought in house and carried out by traffic wardens.

Mrs Finch-Saunders said: “I understand that proposals are being considered for the future of enforcement undertaken on behalf of Conwy County Borough Council.

"One such suggestion, raised at my recent West Shore public meeting, was for the enforcement practices to be brought back in-house – and carried out by parking wardens.

“Whilst I understand that the Council have yet to discuss all options available to them, this does seem like a sensible solution – and I would hope that it would see monetary savings as well, despite potential training considerations."

A Kingdom spokesperson said the Newton-le-Willows based enforcement company ultimately was hired by council and worked to their pleasure but would be involved in talks to what happened with the contract.

The spokesperson said: "There are two parties in this, so we'll be looking at the contract and working with the council going forward.

"We'll see how the contract in Conwy goes."

A CCBC spokesperson added: "The current contract for environmental enforcement has an option to extend for a further year from August 2018, and a decision will be made by Members on this in due course."

Llandudno Town Councillor, and former mayor, Carol Marubbi told the Pioneer a meeting to vote on the contract is due to be held either this week or next week.

Kingdom has come under heavy fire from protest groups in the county for its officers alleged heavy handed approach to issuing FPNs and the people they target.

Facebook group 'North Wales against Kingdom Security' has now reached over 10,000 followers with members posting about the company daily.

Admin of the group said even if the company was to be removed from the county by the end of the year it would still not class as a win for him and his group.

Mr Rourke, a Llandudno resident, said: "I don't consider that (getting rid of Kingdom now) a win. That just means that council will come out and say they have listened to the people and adopted a different approach.

"It has taken building a group of 10,000 people for them to actually listen and do something."

Mrs Finch-Saunders said the Kingdom issue was not something that was going away and hoped the CCBC would think long and hard before making a decision.

She added: “This is an issue that is not going away – people are still very concerned about where they are able to take their dog, or what might happen if a tissue falls out their pocket.

“Littering and dog fouling should never be condoned – but the scale of intervention by the private enforcement company on behalf of the Council on this matter, when there are more pressing issues to be addressed, is most concerning.

“I am urging Conwy County Borough Council to look at this seriously, and review how enforcement is undertaken on their behalf – particularly in light of decisions taken by other local authorities to end similar contracts.

"I would certainly call on the cabinet members to ensure this is driven forward as a priority, as many residents and visitors continue to voice their concerns about what they perceive as a ‘sinister’ culture of enforcement action against what is, essentially, very low-level crime.”