A DOG has made a miraculous recovery after falling from a third-floor flat window.

Oli, a two-year-old cavalier King Charles spaniel, was rushed to the vet after being found unconscious outside his home in Colwyn Bay.

He had fallen from “a huge height” – one level above a normal-sized house – after managing to force open a window in the kitchen that had been left open just a few inches. It is believed he went after a bird on the window ledge.

His distraught owner, Erin Jones, a newly-qualified teacher, was in Penmachno at her grandmother’s house when she received a call about Oli’s ordeal.

She rushed to Prospect House Veterinary Clinic in Colwyn Bay, where he had been taken by neighbours.

Oli was referred to a specialist veterinary surgeon in Bangor after suffering a clean break to his jaw. He also lost one of his claws.

The pet is now back at home with owner Erin Jones and with Lola, a five-month-old pup of the same breed.

Erin, 21, said: “My boyfriend’s [Steve Bloor’s] parents, who live in Manchester, got hold of me. I didn’t have any signal with Penmachno. His parents managed to get through to me on a Wi-Fi call. “

She said she understood that an Openreach employee, whom she knew only as Dominic, was parked up taking a call when he heard Oli fall.

“He heard his cry,” said Erin. “He ran over and he saw Oli unconscious. He started shouting ‘he’s dead’. He was distraught.

“My next door neighbour and his girlfriend heard shouting and immediately recognised Oli as mine and Steve’s dog.

“Oli came to but was in shock. Two neighbours rushed him off to the vet’s and Dominic followed to make sure Oli was OK.”

“I was heartbroken. When he was in the vet’s, he was awake the whole time.

“I was amazed to see him looking like himself. He’d had a lot of pain relief but he licked my face even with a broken jaw! I get emotional thinking about it.

“There was so much blood. He had grazed his chin but most of the blood was from his claw.”

“He was referred to a specialist veterinary surgeon in Bangor who has specialist skills in dental/maxilla repair and the jaw was fixed using wires.”

Oli was taken to the vet’s on June 13, stayed at Prospect House for two nights, before undergoing surgery in Bangor. His jaw was repaired using wires and he had his stitches taken out on Monday.

Erin remains baffled as to why Oli chose now to pay attention to the window.

“It gets hot, so we leave a little gap,” she said, but added: “He has never even looked at it before, not in two years. He has never been one to bring in birds we suspect that is what happened though – he went for one perched on the ledge and just slipped.

“It’s a miracle he is alive. He could have been paralysed.

“Lola has been licking his face; she is so happy to have him back. Oli is usually quite a lazy dog – he sleeps all the time; he’s a lap dog!”

“The window he fell from, we live in flats on the third floor, so it is very high –above a normal-size house.

“I was overwhelmed by the pure kindness of strangers during the whole ordeal and cannot thank them enough. I’d like to also thank the Prospect House team – they have shown so much compassion and support, not only to Oli, but to me whilst trying to deal with the shock of the whole incident. They made the horrific experience slightly better knowing he was in their hands.”

A spokesman for Prospect House said of Oli: “He came to see us last Monday. He has made a good recovery and is eating well.”