Dismantling work on the Colwyn Bay Pier has been completed and all that remains are nine stantions in the sand.

With this phase completed a lot of people are asking: "what come's next for the Pier?"

Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) are soon to reveal the successful bidder for the tender process to build a truncated pier on the site while designers are hard at work coming up with proposals of what that will look like.

Meanwhile, the Victoria Pier Trust are looking at the next step and expanding the Pier once the truncated version is installed.

Original concept plans have already been drawn up have been on display in the Trust's Colwyn Bay store and online - although are set to change thanks to public comment.

Victoria Pier Trust chairperson, Mark Roberts, said these were exciting times and plans for a new Pier in Colwyn Bay had never been so advanced.

Mr Roberts, in an exclusive interview with the Pioneer, said: "It's an exciting time. We have never been this close or had council onboard until recently.

"We have come a long way in such a short space of time."

The trust are investigating extension plans and examining the pieces of the pier that have been dismantled and stored as to whether they can be used again or whether new, similar looking pieces will be required.

Mr Roberts said: "We don't want to put a pier there that is going to be just a plank of wood. We want to entice people onto the pier.

"We want to re-build the pier to its complete length, but it is not just going to happen over night, it's going to be done in phases.

"We are going to think really carefully about the nature, the mix of uses and what is going to be included in each of the phases."

The Trust are currently in search of funding to be able to bring these plans to life.

They have applied to Heritage Lottery Funding and are in talks with the Colwyn Bay Town Council.

Mr Roberts said they had received individual donations from all over the world, which were greatly appreciated, but needed more.

He said: "I' don't know what the total cost is going to be, but it will be in the millions."

Along with the next phase of plans the Victoria Pier Trust is looking to become a charitable incorporated organisation.