A LLYSFAEN grandmother helped deliver her daughter’s baby at her home in Abergele.

Former Llysfaen resident, Amy Lewis, went into labour in the early hours of last Wednesday morning but the midwife was unable to get there before the baby started to be born.

Although Mrs Lewis - who now lives with her family in Abergele - had planned on having a home birth, she was expecting midwives to be present.

Instead the job of delivering the baby fell to mother Lynda May, with the help of Amy’s husband Allan.

Mrs Lewis said: “It all happened so quickly, I called the midwife but they couldn’t get there in time so my mum had to deliver the baby.

“I just went into labour so quickly, I had the urge to want to push and I couldn’t hold that feeling back.

“My mum had never delivered a new born baby before, so for her it was a bit like ‘oh my God’!

“She’s probably still getting over the shock of it all.”

At about 3.30am, in the living room of the their Abergele house, a “very healthy” Oscar Lewis came into the world, weighing 10lb 2oz.

Despite everything happening so quickly she said she had remained relatively calm with her husband and mother the ones that seemed to the most stressed.

Mrs Lewis, 29, said the midwives, although not there for the birth, “were amazing” and talked her husband and mother through the birth before arriving to help five to 10 minutes later.

This was her second child having had daughter Bonni three years ago.

She said that labour was quick as well, but not quite as much, in that case making it to the hospital for the birth.

Bonni missed the birth of her baby brother as she managing to sleep through the whole thing.

Mrs Lewis said: “She was in bed, didn’t even flinch.

So when she woke up in the morning she had a new baby brother.

“She is absolutely besotted with him, she is so in love.”

Oscar also has a stepbrother, Harry.

The family only moved to Abergele’s Anwell Estate in May, having come from Llysfaen, so said the birth had been a nice surprise for their new neighbours.

She said everyone had been really friendly, even sending them flowers to congratulate them on the new arrival.

Mrs Lewis added: “A huge thank you to my mum and husband as well as the two midwives for all their help.”