Families may be made to pay £240 a year if proposed plans to eliminate free education transport come to fruition.

Currently council offer free transport to pupils over the age of 16 who are attending school or designated colleges.

Under new proposals families could be required to pay up to £240 a year for the same service.

The free education transport could be stopped all together, forcing families to find their own way to school or college, under another proposal.

The removal of the service entirely would see the council net £420,000 worth of savings from not paying for the free transport.

Public consultation is currently being held on the changes with a survey available online for community members to complete.

Conwy County Borough Councillor (CCBC) Aaron Wynne, who's on Conwy council's education committee, said the proposed changes would have a negative affect on young learners.

Cllr Wynne said: “The prospect of having to fork-out up to £240 to travel to school or college, on top of the current costs, will only create further barriers for young people who want to access education or training.

"Particularly at a time when skilled-work is on the rise in the north of Wales, and businesses are looking to fill vacancies with skilled local people.

"The journey into full-time employment can sometimes be difficult. Education and training is key for young people to realise their potential and gain the skills necessary for the world of work."

The timing of the consultation is far from ideal as colleges and school's have just broken up for six weeks for summer holidays.

Cllr Wynne said: “Contrary to what has been suggested by some, I don’t believe that Conwy Council is deliberately holding this consultation during the school holidays in an attempt to deter people from taking part.

"This is just another example of bureaucracy and bad timing.

“The young people who will be affected by this change are currently enjoying their summer break and may be unaware of this consultation.

"I would welcome an extension to the consultation as a means of ensuring all relevant service users have the opportunity to have their say. "

Parents have taken to social media to express their concerns on the matter.

Eleri Williams, on the Pioneer Facebook page, said: "This is a joke my son is starting college in September and we live 40 miles away from college. How is he going to attend? I cant afford to pay taxi as I only work part time."

Shelley Taylor said: "It makes me so angry, council and arriva are a joke when it comes to buses for students.

"Even younger kids face a near three mile walk to school or pay £42 for a four-weekly bus ticket. I'm not looking forward to trying to do that for three of them in September - seriously should be something in place if they are in uniform or can show a college pass."

Cabinet member for education and skills, Cllr Garffild Lewis, said these changes were being made as council made an attempt to save money.

Cllr Garffild said: "CCBC is facing severe financial challenges as we look to balance the books again in the next financial year.

"As part of an ongoing review of many of our services, we have launched a consultation on the future of free education transport for pupils over 16 years of age.

"This is a valued service, but one that the Council is not required to provide free by law. I look forward to seeing the review and the consultation completed by September so that Council members will be able to take a considered view on the future of the service.”

The online survey is available at www.conwy.gov.uk/TransportPolicyReview with the consultation period open until next Wednesday (August 15).