SIX adorable flamingo chicks have taken their first steps.

The chicks, who look like fluffy balls of cotton wool, were born in July at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

The first broke out of its shell on July 7, the rest hatched within five consecutive days.

Born with feathers of a soft white and grey cotton wool appearance, the birds - named Pica, Arica, Vicuna, Chijo, Zorras and Imilac, after places in Chile - won’t take on their pink colour until they are between five and seven years old.

The cute moment of the birds taking their first cautious steps was captured by the Journal on camera today (Thursday). In the video, the chicks chase after their keeper - as though they are playing follow the leader.

Jennifer Jesse, administration and operations director at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, said: “Any new arrival creates a real buzz here around the zoo but these chicks are extra special.

"The flamingos are without a doubt a favourite here - their striking colour and unique stature make them a fascinating draw.

"The chicks are delightful and are now making their first cautious steps out of the rearing enclosure accompanied by a keeper.

"Visitors might be lucky to see them having their short daily outings with the keeper and they will then be on permanent display in the 'Flamingo Lagoon' in eight weeks time."

The chicks are being fed by keepers six times a day with a special mix of fish, krill, boiled egg, vitamins, minerals and cod liver oil.

They will continue to be hand fed by the Keepers for about two months.

As babies, the birds need heat, food and exercise.

The zoo is home to some 28 adult flamingos and six chicks. The zoo was last aflutter with new-born flamingos in 2015.

As well as Chile, this species of flamingo is also found in Argentina, southern Peru and Bolivia.