A 73-year-old woman’s walking holiday had been ruined when she was bitten on her leg by a border collie belonging to the owner of the cottage where she stayed, a court heard on Monday.

Eleanor Williams, aged 64, of Llanrwst, in the Conwy Valley, a classroom assistant, was fined £600, ordered to pay £1,134 compensation for the financial loss suffered by the victim and £500 compensation for her pain, and £145 costs. She admitted being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog which caused injury.

District judge Gwyn Jones at Llandudno made a contingent destruction order that the dog Bryn must be kept under proper control and muzzled. “This isn’t the first time Bryn has caused you some trouble,” he told the defendant.

Prosecutor James Neary said Margaret Johnson had a tetanus jab but was in a lot of pain and later received intravenous antibiotics for an infection. She’d arrived in North Wales in June but was bitten to the lower leg on June 13 after being out for the day.

Mr Neary said there was severe swelling and the attack ruined the victim’s holiday.

Mrs Williams’s lawyer said the dog had received behaviour therapy, there were many references, and the defendant was embarrassed at appearing in court.