Needles, human excrement, broken glass and general waste are among the some of the objects left on a Llandudno rugby clubs pitch.

More than 200 juniors and 50 seniors have been forced to put up with the issue at the Llandudno Rugby Union Club for a number of years and it was only getting worse.

Club chairman Robbie Shields said it has been a "historical issue" and it was getting worse.

He said: "It is very worrying. We get 300 to 400 children playing rugby on the pitches and we have to walk across each of them before every match to makes sure there is nothing on them.

"We had an incident a few years ago when a player fell on his face and got a nasty gash from a tin that was left on the ground."

Mr Shields said they had been looking at putting a fence up around the pitches so they could manage the area for the community, but due to various reasons had been unable erect one yet.

He said: "We haven't been able to fence it off but we are in discussions and are having a look at ways to sort it out.

"Maybe we can install fencing or CCTV cameras."

The main concern was people walking across the pitch with their dogs and leaving their excrement on the ground.

Mr Shields said it was then up to volunteers to walk across the grounds to pick up everything they could see using rubber gloves and buckets.

But even then he said, they couldn't collect everything raising concerns for players.

Mayor of Llandudno Cllr David Hawkins said it was a terrible situation for the rugby club to have to be in.

He said: "It's terrible the rugby club and others using the field have to sweep the area first to ensure there's no dog fouling, needles or glass.

"I think the council could step up patrolling of the area for litter cleansing and we'd love them to introduce a fenced off dog run like they've done in Maes Derw in the Junction.

"David and I both think it's a shame as the vast majority of dog owners are responsible it's just the inconsiderate few that spoil it for others."

Not only is the waste and dog fouling an issue, but residents have also recently been filmed hanging from the crossbar of the rugby posts – causing them to bend.

Mr Shields said luckily the council had come to the rescue fixing the problem the day after they were made aware of the issue.

Cllr Ronnie Hughes, Conwy county borough councillor for the Tudno Ward, said a lot of work had been done to the rugby club over the years and it was disappointing this continued to be an issue.

He said he had held meetings with the community in the past but nothing had changed.

Cllr Hughes said: "I have helped the rugby club before, but it needs to be the community that makes the change."