CLLR Trystan Lewis has resigned as a Conwy town councillor, but remains a Conwy County Borough councillor.

He said: “I have resigned because my work load has increased since I became chairman of the executive committee of the Conwy National Eisteddfod 2019.

“This has brought an awful lot of work with both local and national committees associated with the eisteddfod, and it means I can’t give the town council my all, I couldn’t fulfil that role properly and I wouldn’t want to let anyone down.”

He added: “A lot of these committees meet on Monday evenings and this clashes with the town council. The role as chairman happened after I had become a town councillor 15 months ago.

“I also have a heavy work commitment being a county councillor as well.”

Mrs Natasha Flint, clerk to Coney Town Council said: “We are very sad cllr Lewis is resigning, but understand he has other commitments and we will be writing to thank him for the contribution he has made.

“The council has yet to decide whether it will seek an appointee to replace cllr Lewis or arrange a by election.”