A PROMINENT Colwyn Bay landmark will vanish for several months.

The Andrew Fraser Memorial Clock at the bottom of Station Road is to be removed for refurbishment.

Now approaching 30 years old, the clock tower is deteriorating and will soon reach a point where its structural integrity becomes a concern.

It is therefore necessary to remove the clock in its entirety back to the workshop, where it will be partially dismantled to accurately assess the labour and materials required for its full renovation.

Cllr Steve Williams, Mayor of Colwyn Bay said: “The clock, which is a popular feature in the town, means so much to the community that it will be missed”.

He added: “But it will only disappear for several months while the work is being done before it is back in its place telling the time accurately for the people of Colwyn Bay.”

The memorial clock was presented to the people of Colwyn Bay by Mr and Mrs Stanley Fraser, the parents of Andrew Fraser, who sadly died in 1984 at the age of 33.

It was erected in September 1989 by J B Joyce and Co and bears a memorial plaque to Peter Bellingham of Whitchurch, an employee of J B Joyce, who was fatally injured while working on the installation of the clock.

Whilst this work is taking place, the Andrew Fraser Memorial Clock Trust, chaired by local historian Graham Roberts, will be busy seeking funding towards the refurbishment costs, which are likely to be in excess of £15,000.

Mr Roberts said: “The clock was donated to the people of Colwyn Bay by Mr and Mrs Fraser.

He added: “We now need to raise the funds to fully restore and replace the clock, and ensure it can remain in place for another 30 years or more.”

Donations can be sent to the Clerk of the Trust Fund, Mrs Tina Earley, at the Town Hall, Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay.

Cheques should be made payable to the Andrew Fraser Memorial Clock Trust.