'RUN for your phone' was the message from one resident this morning who spotted a 'mini tornado' in Llandudno.

Eyewitnesses have been sharing their photographs of the 'twister' on social media, which was spotted in the skies shortly after 9am.

Video courtesy of Petra Milanova / Facebook

James Garner posted on Twitter: "Run for your... phone! #funnelcloud."

Whilst Simon Galston tweeted a picture with the comment: "Spotted this mini tornado over Llandudno this morning."

Resident Linzi Leadbetter said: "I saw it just after 9am. I was a bit shocked to see what looked like a tornado, so I quickly took out my phone as I'm into photography.

"It was a little surreal to see such a thing in North Wales.

"I'm glad I managed to document the moment."

The Met Office termed the 'mini tornado' as a waterspout or a 'funnel cloud'.

A spokesperson from the national weather service said: "It’s a ‘funnel cloud’ if it doesn’t touch the ground or water.

"Tornadoes are not actually that uncommon in the UK – we get more than the USA, it’s just that here they tend to be a lot smaller."