A DOG that had a debilitating spinal problem and was close to needing wheels so she could move has made a remarkable recovery. 

Tia, who was treated with acupuncture at Mochdre Vets, has been described as a “changed character”. 

The pet was Mochdre Vets’s 2,000th client. The practice, which offers treatments such as an underwater treadmill and acupuncture, opened 12 months ago. 

The vets received support from Business Wales. It is the only practice in North Wales to offer health and fitness plans and Reiki, an alternative form of medicine, on-site. 

Animals can also take advantage of a veterinary physiotherapist and chiropractic medicine. It is one of the first vets in the UK that is studying for the ISFM Certificate in feline behaviour.

Sarah Heywood, owner and vet, said: “Reaching our 2,000th client in just 12 months is unbelievable, but we are unique for North Wales in the range of support we provide, and the results have been astounding. 

“We have had over 50 animals referred to us from other vet practices and over 100 clients use the pool and underwater treadmill.

“Tia is now running around with great mobility and is a changed character. We also have a dog called Daisy that was paralysed, but can now walk again because of the use of acupuncture to treat her.”