It's here...four-weekly bin collections are set to be rolled out across the county this month.

Conwy county residents are set to receive their new collection calendars this week before the scheme begins on September 24.

The calendar will include collection dates up until November 2019.

Council have been preparing the change for a number of months and are now ready to roll out the new-look service out across the county after a decision was made earlier this year to change from three-weekly collections.

The four-weekly scheme has attracted a lot of controversy including from Llandudno Town councillor, and former mayor, Carol Marubbi who said it was an "absolute disgrace".

Cllr Marubbi, talking to the Pioneer, said: "This is a grave mistake. We tollerated three weekly but four weekly is just asking too much.

"People fill their bins in a week, especially families that have four, six or even eight children. It is a disgrace, they should be ashamed.

"They are trying to save money, but they are doing it in the wrong places.

"This is publics money, they want to live in a clean area where their bins are emptied, they have a right to that."

The four weekly collection won't be the only changes to the service with the addition extra recycling containers become available - if asked for, a new weekly nappy and incontinence products service for those who need it, and assisted collections for those that have difficulty moving their bins.

CCBC said they have already run a trail across 10,000 households in the county which had proved successful, seeing an increase in recycling of 14 per cent and decrease refuse in wheelie bins reduced by 31 per cent.

Cabinet member environment, roads and facilities, cllr Donald Milne said: “Most people in Conwy recycle, but before the trial we found that over half the contents of people’s bins could have been recycled.

"Those lost materials ending up in landfill cost the community £1.6m every year.'

“Everyone benefits when we recycle more and thanks to the recycling efforts of those on the trial and the feedback they provided, we are confident that this new collection service will boost recycling rates further.”

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