A race against the clock is on to find a new home for a pair of more than 100-year-old murals from the Colwyn Bay Pier.

A number of murals, which are more than 100-years-old, were pulled from the Victoria Pier during the dismantling of the Colwyn Bay structure earlier this year.

Artist responsible for the murals, which were located in the pavilion of the Pier, include Mary Adshead and Eric Ravilious and depict the exterior and interior of the site.

On February 26 of this year, contractor J Freeley Ltd and Conwy County Borough Council’s (CCBC) conservation officer, Huw Davies, managed to remove the Mary Adshead murals, which were above the doors and a sample panel of the repeating decoration around the remaining walls of the pavilion.

Work then proceeded with the removal of the Ravilious murals within the tea room - these sections were carefully cut, catalogued and removed by hand.

By April, both walls of the last remaining Eric Ravilious mural have been successfully removed, and were placed safely in storage.

But with CCBC staff set to relocate to new Colwyn Bay offices a more permanent home is needed for the murals.

The Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust have been working closely with Mt Davies in trying to find somewhere safe to continue to store the murals, but had still had no luck.

Trust chairperson, Mark Roberts, said: "We are saddened that we haven't found anywhere to store it yet.

"Time is getting short."

Mr Roberts said it wasn't just about storing the murals but restoring them as well.

He said: "Huw Davies and the council have been actively trying to find somewhere for the murals to be kept as have we.

"But they will also need to be cleaned up and restored which is going to be very costly."

Mr Roberts added they hoped one day when the Pier was replaced the murals may return to their original home.