A GREAT, great grandmother has celebrated her 100 birthday at a Llandudno care home.

Gwyneth Jones has three daughters, four granddaughters, 19 great grandchildren (13 boys and six girls) and six great, great grandchildren (four boys and two girls), making a total of 32 offspring.

Gwyneth Jones enjoyed a big party at the Queen Elizabeth Court care home where she lives, with more than 40 members of her family and old friends travelling from all over the UK to join in the celebrations and be with her.

She was also thrilled to receive an official letter of birthday congratulations from the Queen.

Gwyneth was born on October 1, 1918, in Abergele, a little more than a month before the end of the First World War.

Her parents moved to Liverpool when she was very young.

She grew up in Myrtle Street, Liverpool. She met her husband to be Bob while they were both playing in the streets, when she was 14. They married just a few days before the outbreak of World War Two when she was aged 18.

Bob had joined the Royal Navy and they moved initially lived in Chatham, which was then a naval port. However he was sent away almost immediately, and they were forced to spend long periods apart.

Later he was posted to serve in Malta and Gwyneth accompanied him.

Later they lived in Buckley for about 22 years, before moving to Llandudno. Bob died in his 80s.

Reflecting on life in the early 1930s, Gwyneth said: “They were the happiest times. Life was free and easy in those days.”

Gwyneth added one of the lessons she had learned during her long life was to: “Treat everybody the same way that you would like to be treated yourself, and be happy with what you’ve got.”