A METEORITE apparently struck a Llandudno school playground last night, but there was no damage.

That’s what children arriving at Ysgol San Sior saw when they arrived this morning. But it was really a demonstration laid on for pupils studying space.

Headmaster Ian Keith Jones said: “The beginning of this October is a good time to see meteorites in the northern hemisphere, because this is when the Earth passes through the debris left by comet 21P Giacobini-Zinner. Some of our pupils are learning about space and we thought a demonstration like this could bring their lessons to life.

“What actually happened is one of our teachers placed a boulder in the playground early this morning, covered it with the smouldering remains of a barbecue, and a laid a trail of ashes leading to it.

"The police joined in and two community support officers cordoned it off to make it look realistic.

A parent of one of the pupils is a science teacher, and she gave the children a lesson on meteorites. On the basis of this, the children have to make a presentation to the whole school.”