LLANDUDNO Rotary Club members have heard about life in the town during the World War Two.

Adrian Hughes, owner and curator of the town’s Home Front Museum, gave the Rotarians a talk including relating a string of anecdotes and a slide show of images from the time.

He told the Rotarians Llandudno had a good war, prospering from the many people who were billeted in the town on essential war work. This included personnel from the Inland Revenue whose offices relocated from London to the Imperial Hotel, and soldiers and civilians posted to the town to support an artillery practice range and a secret radar station on the Great Orme. Later in the War hundreds of American servicemen came to the town to await being sent to France after the Normandy landings.

Hotels and boarding houses, used to a season of up to 15 weeks long, found themselves in business 52 weeks a year. The shops, pubs and places of entertainment had literally thousands of extra customers all year round.