A Colwyn Bay residents has said he would "welcome back Kingdom with open arms" after dog fouling has begun to get out of hand in his neighbourhood.

Brackley Avenue resident Mike Roberts said he has found bags of dog muck all over the place in his street from on top of his hedge and hanging from trees to neighbours gardens.

He said: "I would welcome Kingdom back with open arms. Bring Kingdom here.

"We have dog muck in people's gardens, hanging from trees, no fewer than six bags lumped on the pavement and even dog muck not in bags on my drive.

"People are placing them all over the shop and my neighbours have brought it to the council's attention but it seems to keep happening."

Kingdom Security's contract with the Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) came to an end in August and at the time a council spokesperson said the level of enforcement was set to drop dramatically while they searched for an alternative method of litter enforcement.

A task and finish group, comprising of councillors, has been established to come up with a long term solution for the issuing of fixed penalty notices (FPN) and environmental enforcement which could include bringing the service back in-house.

CCBC still have the power to issue FPNs but urged members of the public to pick up after themselves.

A CCBC spokesperson said: "Dog fouling is an offence which visitors and residents should not have to tolerate.

"It is unacceptable and illegal not to clean up after your dog; it has a detrimental impact on the quality of the local environment as well as being a serious risk to health and significant cost to clean up.

"People should always act responsibly and clear up after their dogs.

"The Council has set up a task and finish group of councillors to look at how we might go about holding irresponsible people to account for littering and for failing to clean up after or control their dogs.

"That group is looking at a range of options, and is due to conclude its work by April 2019."

Once the task and finish group have concluded their research a report will be presented to members of the economy and place scrutiny committee for consideration.