THE hunt is on for Baggins, a vulnerable 13 year old British shorthaired lilac coloured cat, which has gone missing in Llandudno Junction.

Baggins has not been seen since last Sunday, and ever since his owner, Ceri Wilson has been pounding the streets looking for him.

Ceri, who lives on the Maes Derw estate said: “Baggins is a house cat, he is sweet, gentle, but very vulnerable and has no experience of the outside world and so cannot keep himself safe the way a normal indoor and outdoor cat would.

“He has only had access to the back garden only and has no safety awareness of traffic, people or dogs, as he has never been outside the front door before. He is highly unlikely to find his way home on his own.”

Ceri added: “Baggins has painful pancreatitis, is on a special diet and needs access to his medication, so it is critical he is found as soon as possible.

"He has two small brown inclusions at top of his left eye, almost hidden by his eyelid and a small area on his front leg is shaved following a recent trip to the vets for a blood test. He has a fairly short tail. His coat is pale grey and silvery underneath and a beige grey colour along his back and sides. He is also slightly tubby.

“Baggins is neutered and microchipped and his microchip details are up-to-date.”

“We have scoured the streets of Llandudno Junction, in case he had been locked in a shed or a caravan, garage or a car, having lipped in unnoticed and is trapped.

"We have phoned and e-mailed local vets and animal shelters, and have urged as many people as possible to put him on their social media sites.”

Ceri asked anyone who knows where he is, or has seen him contact her on 07882 542077/07882 315070, or log on to and enter reference LL0119140 to let her know he’s been found.