A Rhos-on-Sea woman is set to feature on the first episode of a new series on S4C which aims to re-unite people with long lost family or friends.

Gwesty Aduniad, an exclusive S4C series, tries to bring people who have lost touch with each other back together to say thanks or even sorry before it’s too late.

From separated families to heroes who have saved lives, from ex-lovers to people who want to find a partner for the first time, this hotel will disclose a range of different stories.

In the first episode of the six-part series, which begins on S4C Thursday evening, the Hotel will open its doors to a woman who has travelled 10,000 miles to reach Gwesty Aduniad.

Following 40 years of searching, Jaqueline Kerr from Brisbane found her half-sister, Sian Messmah from Rhos-on-Sea, by means of a DNA test.

Gwesty Aduniad is the pinnacle of her long voyage - not only of travelling, but of searching for this unknown individual who’s an integral part of her life, even though they’ve never met before.

Ms Kerr said: “I can’t wait to meet her – we have all these years to make up for."

When she was three years old, Joyce, Sian’s biological mother, came to live with her family. Jaqueline and her mother moved to Australia for 18 months and that’s when a relationship started between Joyce and Jaqueline’s father, Alexander.

Joyce fell pregnant but had to give Sian up for adoption soon after she was born. Sian has been searching for a blood relative for a quarter of a century.

Ms Messmah said: “I’ve known since I was 14 that I was adopted.

“There was this kind of shadow, reminding me that ‘somebody, somewhere is missing you, and you don’t even know who they are’.”

Although Sian never met her birth parents, Gwesty Aduniad has given her the chance to connect with her past by uniting her with her half-sister.