An owl adopted in the memory of a 13 month old boy has gone missing just before his anniversary.

Teddy Tengmalm was adopted from The Owl Trust, based on Bodafon Farm in Llandudno, by Gill Hartley for her friend Jules Lloyd following the death of her 13-month-old son Billy-Joe a year ago.

Just before Billy-Joe's anniversary on Monday, someone broke into the Owl Trust, and Teddy is now gone.

Mrs Lloyd said she was gutted by the news and hoped Teddy would be returned soon.

She said: "We are gutted. We spent precious time with Teddy last year over Billy-Joe’s anniversary.

"He is a perfect match for our boy - small, stubborn, clever, wilful and with a huge personality. It was such a comfort to us to visit him and get to know him.

"We said that if the spirit of Billy-Joe could be embodied in an owl, it would be Teddy.

"It seems especially cruel that he would be lost over the same few days that we lost our son.

"I hope whoever did this shows some compassion, if not for the friends of the Owls Trust then for poor Teddy, who must be terrified."

The Owl Trust put out an appeal on Facebook after Teddy went missing on Saturday and trustee Pam Broughton said it was amazing the response they had received.

The Facebook post alone has received more than 145 comments and been shared nearly 2000 times.

She said: "We have been blown away with the amazing response from people. The post has reached over 90,000 people which is extraordinary.

"We hope he is returned safe and sound because he is an incredibly important owl."

Teddy, who is six years old, is described as about 7" tall, has bright yellow eyes and will be very frightened. He has a ring on his leg no: 150DMBT.

Mrs Broughton said she urged residents to look very carefully around any gardens near Bodafon Farm Park or if anyone at the wedding on Friday night could give any information to contact the trust.

She added: "We just, simply, want him back.

"If you did steal him, please put him in a box and leave him at the Farm, where he belongs."